DuckDuckGo is Bad: We are NOT Google, We are Socialist Dictators

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(Last Updated On: March 10, 2022)
Like so many others I am sickened by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and the gigantic humanitarian crisis it continues to create. #StandWithUkraine️ At DuckDuckGo, we’ve been rolling out search updates that down-rank sites associated with Russian disinformation.
DuckDuckGo is Bad. This Russian crisis revealed who they are. Or should I say, who they are not. They claimed to offer Google’s results with added benefit of privacy. However, below is also what they do:


DuckDuckGo is Bad: they down-rank sites associated with disinformation

Who are they to judge? Who the heck are they? Are they better then Jack Dorsey? Jack Dorsey, a proven Marxist, enemy of the free world?
Are they gonna fact check the results too? This stance is clearly that of socialist dictators, who think their ethics is superior to that of the People they seek to control.
Who controls the information, controls the future.

DuckDuckGo is Bad: they place news modules and information boxes at the top

we also often place news modules and information boxes at the top of DuckDuckGo search results (where they are seen and clicked the most) to highlight quality information for rapidly unfolding topics.
What information are they highlighting? Left-leaning and Socialist views only, or anything relevant the the searched keywords? How do they decide which news media source to promote? Who the heck are these people to decide for us?
Who controls the information, controls the future.

DuckDuckGo is Bad: they now blocks the best resource for torrents

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DuckDuckGo has “paused” its partnership with Russian search engine Yandex over the war in Ukraine, a top official of the privacy-focused search service said Tuesday at a House hearing on tech.

“The index was used to provide traditional links — meaning, non-news links — on the search engine results page in Russia and Turkey,” said Katie McInnis, DuckDuckGo’s senior public policy manager for the U.S.

I think we all know where this is going. Who controls the information, controls the future.


DuckDuckGo is Bad: they decide what is disinformation on your behalf

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The whole point of DuckDuckGo is privacy. The whole point of the search engine is to show more relevant content over less relevant content, and that is what we continue to do.
Note the dichotomy in his wording here: the whole point is privacy VS  to show more relevant content over less relevant content
These premises are not the same thing at all. They can be complementary, and they just claimed they do both. Therefore, NO mr Weinberg, the WHOLE point is not just privacy.
Again, who the heck are these socialist dictators to decide what is relevant or not?


What is Socialism and Why is it a Dictatorship?

Finally, a recall on what Socialism really is about is always welcome, to understand why what DuckDuckGo just did makes me so mad.


DuckDuckGo is Bad: Get Rid of DuckDuckGo, use Startpage!

Other search engines exist, such as Yandex or Startpage. I now use Startpage. Below is how to install startpage for Firefox:

To set Startpage as your default search engine in Firefox, visit and follow the onscreen instructions. You can also refer to our video instructions. (Note: this video is hosted on

Or, for a more step-by-step explanation, please follow the instructions below. Note: If you don’t see the Add to Firefox button, make sure to enable promotional messaging in Settings.

For Firefox Mobile (Android/iOS), please click here.
For Firefox Focus (Android/iOS), click here.

  1. Navigate to and scroll to the bottom of the page. Click Add to Firefox.attach 1uimczzr61j2h01jg6tzi03liw6po05m
  2. Click Add to Firefox from the Firefox add-on store
  3. Click Add
  4. Click Yes
    attach fth4hndgg2iwinfywwqglni6rau4dnk7 
  5. Choose whether to allow the Startpage extension to run in Private Windows and click Okay, Got It to finish.


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Bachelor in IT, father, Photograph, Communist slayer, I also build useful tools for my community and destroy repetitive tasks for the past 20 years. "Who controls the information, controls the future."

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