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Disable and Remove Edge Sidebar and Edge Copilot in Windows

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disable get rid of windows copilot and edge sidebar

disable get rid of windows copilot and edge sidebar

Edge Sidebar is specific to the new Microsoft Edge based on Chromium, while Copilot is available only from Windows 11 and Server 2022. Copilot appears in the Edge sidebar and is very annoying, and heavy to load. Removing them by using the settings menu is impossible, here is a simple registry patch to get rid of them both!

Copilot in Windows provides centralized generative AI assistance to your users right from the Windows desktop. Copilot in Windows appears as a side bar docked on the Windows desktop and is designed to help users get things done in Windows. Copilot in Windows can perform common tasks in Windows like changing Windows settings, which makes it different from the browser-based Copilot in Edge. However, both user experiences, Copilot in Windows and Copilot in Edge, can share the same underlying chat provider platform.

Copilot in Windows is available in select global markets and will be rolled out to additional markets over time. Microsoft will continue to experiment with new ideas and methods using your feedback. That’s why you may or may not see it on your system.
You must be logged in with Administrator permissions to add this registry patch and disable Copilot or Edge sidebar

In another article, we shoed you how to disable Cortana. Since Copilot took over, here is an update!

Where is Located Copilot and What does Copilot Do?

copilot icon in microsoft edge sidebar

What is does, is replace the Bing search bar with an AI, GPT style:

windows copilot popup in micosoft edge chromium sidebar to do your homeworks

What students will notice, is that you can now summarize a page immediately! And therefore, do your homeworks for free. Another good intention with unintended consequences…

How To Disable Windows Copilot

Just execute this registry patch to disable both Copilot and Edge Sidebar:

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

;; Windows copilot:




;; Edge sidebar:

Also available, individual disable registry patches:

 🔽 Download disable-sidebar 🔽 Download disable-copilot


  • To view the result in Edge: simply restart edge.
  • To view the result in Outlook/Windows search/etc: logoff or kill the Explorer.exe

That’s all, Folks!


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