January 28, 2022


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Portfolio of various meta projects I worked or am currently working on. Technologies involved go from Scripting and Web Development to Video processing. Some may be useful to someone else, who knows?

A meta project involves more than one interconnected technology.

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Towson University Class Database Fork

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This project is about forking the class database from a 4 years College, Towson University. It involves scraping web data to an SQLite database and making it available for a static web server, buffed dynamically with JavaScript SQL.js.

You may be interested only in the scraping and dynamic SQL part of it though.

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How to use scrapy to feed an SQLite database
How To Build a JavaScript SQLite Web Dashboard
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Home DNS AdBlock with DDWRt

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What about turning your home router into a central Home AdBlock solution?

DNS Spoofing doesn’t consume a lot of resources so it’s suitable for even the lowest end routers. More info on how to flash your router with DDWRt here.

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Preparing the router with packages

Configuring pixelserv

Configuring dnsmasq

Automate everything with scripts

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Bash profile + framework of 300 functions

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This is an environment I use at home, and that I developed for my former clients. Comes with a big .profile + a set of functions for System, Apache, WebSphere, etc. with 300 shell functions, still it’s light in memory thanks to the Korn shell FPATH emulation for bash.

I don’t think shell scripts come with any sort of GPL license so feel free to reuse any part of the code freely.

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.profile and the core structure

Wrapping up the .profile and functions

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WebSphere Scripting Framework

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WebSphere Scripting Framework with 150 functions. Automate your EAR deployments and updates. Automate everything!

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More stuff to come soon

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