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AAA Sucks. Cancel Your AAA Membership Now

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cancel aaa membership now

cancel aaa membership now

Cancel Your AAA Membership Now. AAA is useless for the following reasons: roadside assistance dispatch is always 3 hours away.

  • Twice in a row, it was between 2 and 3 hours wait time. Unacceptable under the 120° Arizona sun.
  • When you call they send you a text, and require you to click a web link, to actually provide your position. Good luck when you have no cell data coverage.

The second time I needed AAA, I did not have my phone with me, and was with 2 children and a grandma. Not far from the city, but far enough to be concerned, since the jack broke when I tried jacking up the car.

Someone I stopped kindly let me call AAA, but then I had to play with this stranger’s phone for 5mn to get the location right. Good grace. What if they did not have a data plan? Anyhow, I ended up calling the wife after stopping someone else and waiting 30mn, and she got there way before the tow.

Now, tell me that starting a tow business is a bad idea… Anyway, the solution? Ask your car insurance for roadside assistance! I pay the same price if not less then AAA, and they always come within an hour. I am with Liberty btw.

Just cancelled AAA today, AAA sucks too much. Thank you for your patronage, but no thanks.


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