Coronavirus Cure: Best Treatments

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(Last Updated On: February 26, 2022)

There’s a lot of information circulating about CCPvirus (novel Coronavirus from Wuhan, China – aka Covid-Sars2). Fake news and fake advices about this disease coming from China since December 2019 (COVID), so it’s important to know what’s true and what’s not. IT-Cooking senior director of infection prevention at IT-Cooking, helps clarify information to help keep you and your family healthy and safe.

You can protect yourself from COVID-19 by…

Swallowing or gargling with bleach

No, but i want to see you try.


Wait!! CDC press conference just released this flash news: actually we may be able to fight #CCPvirus #coronavirus with bleach IV:

Also, this CDC press conference reported that sticking an UV light bulb up in your arche will kill the virus so fast he will regret he even met you!

Taking acetic acid

No. But I want to see your teeth after taking it.

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Taking steroids

No. But you could win some competitions if you survive

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Using essential oils

Yes. We recommend large amounts of Cinnamon Oil and Pennyroyal oil at least 1 oz per day. Buy Pennyroyal oil here.

Salt water

Yes. The sea is the best freely available cure substance so far.

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Ethanol or other substances

Yes! We recommend large amounts of Corona. Modello and XX have been proven to worsen the effects so beware!

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But! Beware of knockoffs!

Meme: Corona Beer Changes Their Name to Ebola Extra to ...

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Bachelor in IT, father, Photograph, Communist slayer, I also build useful tools for my community and destroy repetitive tasks for the past 20 years. "Who controls the information, controls the future."

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