Dylan Mulvaney stole $40,000 and no one cares

Fact Check: No, Penn State Auditorium was not half-empty

On December 1st, 7PM, Dylan Mulvaney stole $40,000 to speak in the totally empty Eisenhower Auditorium from Penn State University. There was exactly 19 people present, as shown on Penn State’s promotional video on TikTok.

Is it ethical to title an article “smth smth half empty” when you can clearly see it’s empty?

Dylan Mulvaney speech in an empty auditorium 2023

This is in stark contrast to the News Media who falsely claimed it as “half-empty”. Penn State’s Eisenhower Auditorium has an advertised capacity of 2,500 seats. Simple math would be like 19 / 2500 = 0.0076 = 0,76 % which is 50 / 0.76 = 65 times less than what was reported.

Who reported the auditorium to be half-empty?


There is clearly a lack of interest by the News Media for Dylan’s mental illness. However, the fact that this is still reported anyway, proves that the LGBP+ Trans agenda push is still alive. This Trans agenda does not bank anymore, therefore the lack of interest overall. Also, Dylan is now hot magma after the Billion dollars market loss in the Bud Light fiasco.

Whoever banks is Dylan himself. He stole $40,000 from Penn State’s, coming directly from student tuition fees. Penn State’s students proudly PAID for that crap. Not much, as reported 2023 enrollment is about 87,000, the costs per student was less then 50 cents. But still, what a farce, and what a shame.

Misfortune never comes one at a time, and this happened right before Penn President Resigned Amid Antisemitism Charges. Liz Magill stepped down Saturday, December 9th 2023, following backlash over her comments at a congressional hearing on antisemitism.


TikTok Video in question:

Dylan Mulvaney speech TikTok 2023

Twitter twit from Penn State:


We love a good post-lecture she/they outift of the day! 🐾✨ #psu #pennstate #psuspa #lecture #dylanmulvaney #studentprogramming #pennstateuniversity

♬ original sound – Penn State SPA

Reporting such a large auditorium as half-empty would let you think that 1,250 people would show up, which is factually false. The auditorium was not half-empty. The auditorium was empty, period. Only the promoters of the event were present on the front row, and you can count them as shown above.

This is a clear example of fake news narrative. Why would the Daily Mail do that? I thought they were a bit more serious.

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