DDwrt: Free Ad-Blocking DNS Home Router

Unleash your router with DDwrt and transform it into a Free Ad-Blocking DNS Home Router!

You may already know about Ad-Blocking plugins such as ABP or uBlock Origin for Chrome and Firefox, and these work fine… for your computer browser. But these plugins cannot be installed on a media TV, nor on TV Set Top box, nor on a multimedia phone.

Unless I missed something, iPhone browsers are all the same as they rely on Apple’s web framework. I’ve tested different ones some time ago on my 5gs and their web rendering results are all the same (Safari, Dolphin, Firefox). Therefore, they cannot accept plugins, not even mentioning Ad-Blocking plugins. Boooo. Even so jailbreaking allows you to install a local dns blocker, this will break ads detection in many apps, rendering them useless.

Solution? Install the Ad-Blocking software on your router:



  • 10% to 40% faster loading pages
  • Undisrupted reading
  • No tracking
  • More Privacy for you and your family

Browser plugin vs Router software

Plugin for browser:

  • Easy implementation
  • Maintenance free
  • Protects only the browser
  • Must be repeated for every new system
  • Cannot be installed on mobile OS
  • Requires user’s action

DSN filtering on router:

  • One installation for the whole home network
  • Scriptable, virtually no maintenance once setup is complete
  • Works out of the box for any device connected to the network
  • Wider range of filtering available: p0rn, peer-to-peer, etc, think about what you could deny to your children!
  • Requires some skills and time


I made a Prezi to explain how it works and the basic concepts:

Ad-Blocking DNS Implementation

Step 1: Install and configure DD-wrt

Step 2: Coming soon

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  1. What’s with this tease of an article… Is that a thing now? Introduce a topic but then just stopping before actually providing? The worst.

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