Buckets Method

Work Smarter 3: Prioritize with The Bucket Method

In our series dedicated to help you diagnose your own productivity challenges, and work smarter: the Bucket Method. This course will give you the skills to help you manage your time, focus and energy.

In our last session we covered the ‘MIT Method’, a simple yet effective tool to help you prioritize work. Today we bring you the Bucket Method, a tool that combines both time awareness and prioritization. Let’s see how it works.

What is the Bucket Method?

Creating ‘buckets’ of work tasks spread over time helps you make sense of all the things you need to do.

  • First, pick your main ‘buckets’ or areas of focus for the quarter. These buckets are your main objectives.
  • Next, under each bucket outline what goals each bucket links to.
  • Then, every day, fill in the tasks you need to complete to make progress in each bucket.

Now let’s look at what the buckets look like for a quarter of the year.

Here’s an example bucket list.

Bucket 1: Sales

  • Goals this quarter: Meet sales target for the quarter
  • Tasks for today: Call 2 warm leads

Bucket 2: Improve customer response times

  • Goals this quarter: Reduce average response time from 30 minutes to 10 minutes
  • Tasks for today: Re-work roster for peak times

Bucket 3: Get forklift license

  • Goals this quarter: Complete forklift operator certification
  • Tasks for today: Complete module 4 of online course

Wrapping Up

Your mission today, is to create your own bucket list for the next quarter!

Aim to create at least 3 buckets, and name them with your main areas of focus.

In 3 months, pick a time to see how you went?


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