Portfolio of various meta projects I worked or am currently working on. Technologies involved go from Scripting and Web Development to Video processing. Some may be useful to someone else, who knows?

A meta project involves more than one interconnected technology.

This project is about forking the class database from a 4 years College, Towson University. It involves scraping web data to an SQLite database and making it available for a static web server, buffed dynamically with JavaScript SQL.js. You may be interested only in the scraping and dynamic SQL part of it though.
What about turning your home router into a central Home AdBlock solution? DNS Spoofing doesn’t consume a lot of resources so it’s suitable for even the lowest end routers. More info on how to flash your router with DDWRt here.
Bash profile + framework of 300 functions
This is an environment I use at home, and that I developed for my former clients. Comes with a big .profile + a set of functions for System, Apache, WebSphere, etc. with 300 shell functions, still it’s light in memory thanks to the Korn shell FPATH emulation for bash. I don’t think shell scripts come with any sort of GPL license so feel free to reuse any part of the code freely.
WebSphere Scripting Framework
WebSphere Scripting Framework with 150 functions. Automate your EAR deployments and updates. Automate everything!


  • WordPress
    • add cloudflare hook to call API to purge that page just edited
    • My must-have plugins list
  • Nginx
    • proxy_cache for
    • monitoring with goaccess

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