My Talking Tom Hack Unlimited Diamonds

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(Last Updated On: July 31, 2018)

My Talking Tom Hack Unlimited Diamonds, Unlimited Coins, Unlimited Potions, Unlimited Tickets! No survey, no payment, no ads, totally FREE! Jailbreak hack!

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Difficulty: 3/5

Jailbreak your iPhone, download some software, find out your iPhone IP address, connect via SSH, have changed the root password… If the a-b-c’s of jail-breaking didn’t scare the hell out of you, you can achieve this hack fingers in the nose!


Do not fall for the bunch of fake sites that offer you this service by “tweaking your Talking Tom account”, they are just scammers. Hacking My Talking Tom doesn’t work like that: all these scammers want is you to pay at some point. They will force you take bullshit surveys and install bullshit apps, making money by driving visitors on their bullshit ads partners. These scammers are legion, beware!

My Talking Tom Hack is for the iPhone/iOS app, for jail-broken iPhones and iPads. This My Talking Tom Hack will certainly work on rooted Android phones and tablets as well. This is the Windows method by the way.

My Talking Tom Hack for iPhone/iOS is so easy, AND FREE. Just follow the steps below!


Software Requirements

Below are the links to the required software and online services needed to hack My Talking Tom. You can use different software depending on your platform.


My Talking Tom Hack

Access My Talking Tom Data folder


  • You have successfully jail-broken your iPhone/iPad
  • You found out your local network iPhone/iPad IP address
  • You didn’t forget to change your iPhone/iPad root password
  • You are a Windows user

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iOS root password

If Alpine is still your default iOS root password, now is time to change it!


Summary of actions: access the My Talking Tom SQLite3 database via WinScp and open it with DB Browser For SQLite.


  1. Close My Talking Tom App, you don’t want to edit the database while the app is running
  2. With WinScp, navigate to:
  3. Open the SQLite3 database vca.db:
    iphone My Talking Tom Hack winscp open vca.db
  4. If it’s the first time you open this file type on Windows, choose Open With… DB Browser For SQLite (Browse for the app if you installed the portable version)
    iphone my tom windows sqlite open with DB Browser For SQLite


Edit My Talking Tom SQLite3 Database

Now the fun part begins!

In DB Browser For SQLite, go to “Browse Data”, choose table “state“, and click on the value field of the account key:

iphone My Talking Tom Hack sqlite vca.db diamond current balance 0

At this point, you already know what to do. Enter the numbers you want! You can enter integer numbers by the millions, but I don’t know the size of this variable for sure.

  • balance: Coins Balance
  • diamondBalance: Diamonds Balance
  • ticketBalance: Tickets Balance
  • totalPurchased: not sure… you can try messing it up but make a backup of the vca.db first

Click Apply to apply the modifications in the DB:

iphone My Talking Tom Hack sqlite vca.db diamond balance 9999


Calculate The SHA1-160 Hash

As you can see in this table, there is a field called “redherring”. This is a SHA1-160 hash which is certainly salted. You cannot guess what the salt is but at least you can calculate a valid hash for the value you modified.

Copy the entire value and paste it into a SHA1-160 hash calculator like this one:

iphone My Talking Tom Hack sqlite vca.db diamond balance sha1 calculate redherring

Make sure there is no carriage return or invisible spaces around the curly braces and choose SHA1 160-bits. Copy the calculated hash.

Replace the value in the redherring field by the hash you just calculated and click Apply:

iphone My Talking Tom Hack sqlite vca.db diamond balance 9999 sha1 paste database


Save the Database and Enjoy!

Close DB Browser For SQLite and accept to save the changes:

iphone My Talking Tom Hack winscp close vca.db confirm dialog

WinScp will upload the modified file automatically:

iphone My Talking Tom Hack winscp upload vca.db

Now, restart My Talking Tom App and say thank you in the comments!

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Bachelor in IT, father, Photograph, Communist slayer, I also build useful tools for my community and destroy repetitive tasks for the past 20 years. "Who controls the information, controls the future."

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Please give me hack apk

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Give me unlimited diamond s in talking tom

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