Free Jailbreak For iPhone 10.3.3 and 11.4

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(Last Updated On: February 26, 2022)

Jailbreak your iPhone with iOS 10.3.3 or iOS 11.4 the easy and FREE way! Enough is enough! Stop paying shady developers for risky services!


Quick History of Jailbreak

Jailbreak used to be free. Nowadays, you often are offered to pay. This is especially true in the early days of new iOS releases. Only the “commercial” methods are available, how convenient. Whatever Pangu and other third parties say, they always omit that little piece of information.

Back in the days of the 3G and 3Gs,  jailbreak was so easy. The methods got more and more complex over time, but it was still possible to make it with a little bit of care. Avoiding latest iOS updates and waiting for the jailbreak to be released was the rule.

Then, since iOS 8, it got more vicious. You had to update to a version that was tagged as jailbreakable, but you couldn’t guess which one easily. One version above, and the jailbreak wasn’t ever released. One version below, and the jailbreak release wasn’t compatible, and you couldn’t update to the version in between because Apple signed only the latest version through iTunes.

Nowadays with iOS 10 and 11, it’s hard to find better than semi-untethered jailbreaks, with all these Freemium app stores around. Freemium means NOT FREE. For some other methods, you even need an Apple developer account. This Apple membership program costs $99.

Therefore, whatever you do, since iOS 10 you have different options that are mostly not free anymore. Either you have to pay the Apple company itself, or you can chose to offer your hard-earned buck to some shady developers you have to trust.

Thanks, but no thanks. Below are some working, FREE solutions for iOS 10.3.3 and 11.4.


Free, Working Jailbreak for iOS 10.3.3

Doubleh3lix (tested)

DoubleH3lix logo

Detailed here, this jailbreak method involves a computer and a hacked application download:

[button type=”primary” link=””] logo ipa DoubleH3lix IPA [/button] [button type=”primary” link=””] logo impactor Cydia impactor [/button]

  • Just connect the iPhone
  • disable autolock and passcode
  • launch Impactor
  • drag the DoubleH3lix IPA into Impactor window
  • enter your Apple ID & password (sent to Apple)
  • wait a minute and voila, the app is installed, close the Impactor
  • on the iPhone: Go to Settings > General > Profiles > Trust the App “your@email”
  • back to home screen and open Doubleh3lix app
  • click jailbreak
  • done

[callout type=”warning” size=”sm”]

Important note:

DoubleH3lix tool is a Semi-untethered tool, you have to re-jailbreak your device after every reboot



Meridian (not tested)

Method similar to DoubleH3lix, requires the Impactor and an IPA download. Seem to be untethered but unstable (whatever that means). I didn’t test it.


Free, Working Jailbreak for iOS 11.4 (tested)

As of today, July 2018, iOS 11.4 is the latest signed version available for iPhone. iPhone 5s is the oldest phone you can still update. Stuck with iPhone 5 or 4s? Bad luck!

The only free method currently offered is called LiberiOS, details here. As for DoubleH3lix, you need the Impactor and a crafted IPA:

[button type=”primary” link=””] logo ipaLiberios IPA [/button] [button type=”primary” link=””] logo impactor Cydia impactor [/button]

Follow the exact same steps as for the DoubleH3lix method for iOS 10.3.3, see detailed steps above.


Paid Jailbreak for iOS 10 to 11

Just for fun, I gave a try to these methods found on this page, and will give you a quick review. It’s always the same problem whatever the tool used, you end up having to pay someone at some point.

Anzhuang Freemium Premium

Method 1: zJailbreak App store

Step 1: install zJailbreak app store from iPhone Safari

Step 2: open the installed app

Step 3: look for Anzhuang App and click install

Step 4: lose $10 to $20


Below is what you really get:

[column xs=”6″]zJailbreak Xabsi Anzhuang Ransomware Bullshit

[column xs=”6″]zjab xabsi anz premium oq10

Absolutely everything you need in zJailbreak is “Freemium”, meaning you have to pay $10 to unlock its basic features.

You could try to install iPA4iOS as they claim to be able to install Cydia apps without Cydia, but the server is down as of today:

iPA4iOS down

This Youtube video presenting the Cydia App install with Anzhuang purposely omits the payment terms:


Method 2: Xabsi App store

Step 1: install Xabsi app store from iPhone Safari

Step 2: open the installed app

Step 3: look for jailbreak Apps and click install

Step 4: lose $10+

[column xs=”6″ sm=”4″]
xabsi home q10

[column xs=”6″ sm=”4″]
xabsi jailbreak dollars oq10

[column xs=”6″ sm=”4″]
xabsi donate oq10[/column]

Same flavors here.

Why are these methods offered when free solutions are available? Well, convenience maybe? Hence, you don’t need to connect the iDevice to a computer to jailbreak it that way.

Personally, I refuse to pay for something that not only breaks the constructor warranty, but also has no guarantee to work at all. there are no support website, and what if I reboot and the jailbreak is lost? Do I have to pay again? I’m not taking that kind of risks.

Playing with unsupported software always involve the ultimate risk of bricking your device. There is not way I’m gonna pay on top of that. What would you do? Have you ever paid anything to shady characters? If so, how has the transaction turned out?


Team Cook

Self-taught IT guy, and Communist slayer for the past 40 years. Who controls the information, controls the future.

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