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ComfyUI Cutom node: 💾 Save Image Extended for ComfyUI 2.51

Save Image Extended for ComfyUI: Customize the folder, sub-folders, and filenames of your images! Use the values of ANY node’s widget, by simply adding its badge number in the form id.widget_name. Save data about the generated job (sampler, prompts, models) as entries in a json (text) file, in each folder. Oh btw… also saves your output as JXL AVIF WebP jpg jpeg j2k jp2 png gif tiff bmp … And yes the prompt is included cool ComfyUI can load them but a PR approval is needed to fix a bug on their side and @omfyanonymous fixed it!.

Reboot by me since 2024-05-05, original idea from @thedyze

How To Use Save Image Extended

save image extended comfyui example
save image extended comfyui example
save image extended comfyui named nodes widgets example
save image extended comfyui named nodes widgets example

You can use whatever separator you want, and add folder separators “/” anywhere you want!


Pretty simple with ComfyUI Manager:

comfyui manager install custom nodes screenshot
comfyui manager install custom nodes screenshot

Then look for and install Save Image Extended:

save image extended for comfyui from manager menu screenshot
save image extended for comfyui from manager menu screenshot


There is a requirements.txt that will take care of that, but just in case:

  • python 10.6
  • piexif
  • imagecodecs
  • pillow
  • pillow-avif-plugin
  • pillow-jxl-plugin

pip install piexif imagecodecs pillow pillow-avif-plugin pillow-jxl-plugin

For the native jxlpy JPEG-XL it’s more complicated. You would need to install and compile the wheel jxlpy, and therefore, need a valid and functional MSVC installation, along with the libjxl library, likely along with the dev code. Impossible to do that on Windows. Instead, we rely on `imagecodecs` which embeds libjxl 0.9.0.

Manual Download

1. Open a terminal inside the ‘custom_nodes’ folder located in your ComfyUI installation dir
2. Use the git clone command to clone the repo, under ComfyUI\custom_nodes\
git clone

Parameters / Usage

List of Attribute for this custom node
Attribute Description
filename_prefix String prefix added to files.
filename_keys Comma separated string with sampler parameters to add to filename. E.g: sampler_name, scheduler, cfg, denoise Added to filename in written order. resolution also works. vae_name model_name (upscale model), ckpt_name (checkpoint) are others that should work. Here you can try any parameter name of any node. As long as the parameter has the same variable name defined in the prompt object they should work. The same applies to foldername_keys.
foldername_prefix String prefix added to folders.
foldername_keys Comma separated string with sampler parameters to add to foldername. Add more subfolders by prepending “./” to the key name.
delimiter now a free field Delimiter = 1 character, can be anything your file system supports. Windows users should still use “/” for subfolders.
save_job_data If enabled, saves information about each job as entries in a jobs.json text file, inside the generated folder. Mulitple options for saving prompt, basic data, sampler settings, loaded models.
job_data_per_image When enabled, saves individual job data files for each image.
job_custom_text Custom string to save along with the job data. Right click the node and convert to input to connect with another node.
save_metadata Saves metadata into the image.
counter_digits Number of digits used for the image counter. 3 = image_001.png. Will adjust the counter if files are deleted. Looks for the highest number in the folder, does not fill gaps.
counter_position Image counter first or last in the filename.
one_counter_per_folder Toggles the counter. Either one counter per folder, or resets when a parameter/prompt changes.
image_preview Turns the image preview on and off.
output_ext File extension: PNG by default, or WEBP (coming soon).

Unknown key names in filename_keys and foldername_keys are treated as custom strings: if you enter wrongNumber.attribute, you will get attribute in your filename.

Node inputs

images – The generated images.


  • positive_text_opt – Optional string input for when using custom nodes for positive prompt text.
  • negative_text_opt – Optional string input for when using custom nodes for negative prompt text.

Automatic folder names and date/time in names

Convert unix datetime formats right off the batch!

Samples you can use:

Examples of datetime formats
Unix datetime Example Comment


%D 05/22/24 This effectively creates subfolders
%F %H-%M-%S 2024-05-22 09-13-58
%Y/%V 2024/21 year subfolder / ISO week number subfolder


Details and discussion on How Save Image Extended works

[JPEG XL is a heated debate on chromium forum]( and if true indeed that Google is working on WebP2, jxl is unlikely to take off any day soon. Proponents arguably declare with no proof, that jxl is better and faster than the current best codec: AVIF. But again, without support from the industry, it’s going nowhere.

Pillow cannot save Exif data in JPEG2000, or maybe I did not read the doc. Who the heck is using JPEG2000 in 2024 anyway?

Disclaimer: Does not check for illegal characters entered in file or folder names. May not be compatible with every other custom node, depending on changes in the prompt object.
Tested and working with default samplers, Efficiency nodes, UltimateSDUpscale, ComfyRoll, composer, NegiTools, and 45 other nodes.

Quality and compression settings: default is 90, 100 will activate **lossless** for AVIF and WEBP only.

Quick comparison of size per extension, for the same 512×512 picture, with similar visual quality
Ext Compression Maker Size Compression
png max 9 PIL 413111 0%
j2k n/a PIL 395028 4%
jxl lossless PIL 301310 27%
jxl 90 PIL 179210 57%
jpeg 90 PIL 88554 79%
avif 90 Imagick 67272 84%
webp 90 Imagick 64416 84%
webp 90 PIL 64356 84%
avif 60 PIL 47353 89%
avif 60 Imagick 33691 92%

About loading prompt from WebP AVIF JPEG JXL: atm ComfyUI can only load PNG and WebP

For AVIF and JPEG, you will have to wait for the team to update their product.

The prompt is included under the **EXIF** tag UserComment (IFD0 / 0x010f and 0x010e) as defined here. WAS Node Suite also use those tags. They must be next to each other in order to Comfy to be able to load them with drag and drop.

Exif tags used to store Prompt and Workflow
Data EXIF Name String looks like
prompt 0x010f Make Prompt: {“5” … }
workflow 0x010e ImageDescription Workflow: {“5” … }

You can retrieve the prompt manually with exiftool, here are some example commands:

  • exiftool -Parameters -Prompt -Workflow file.png
  • exiftool -Parameters -UserComment -Prompt -Workflow file.{jpg|webp|avif}

We are incompatible with extended-saveimage-comfyui – This node can be safely discarded, as it only offers WebP output anyways. My node already adds JPEG and WebP.

You asked for it… Now you can select which node to get the widget values from! Formerly, this custom node would simply return the last value found: useless if you have multiple identical nodes…

To see node numbers in the UI, enable the badge IDs:

comfyui enable badge ids
comfyui enable badge ids

jobs.json sample: always generated and appended, not sure what it can be used for tho.

save image extended comfyui jobs example
save image extended comfyui jobs example

BUG discovered with rgthree‘s Ksampler Config: using steps_total as an input to a Ksampler, will issue the index of the output, instead of the steps value (“[nodeNum, 0]” instead of actual steps input value).

FIX: use steps_total instead of steps!



I won’t promise you the moon, but since I use this node myself, I will maintain it as much as I can. I do provide a way to contact me, and will accept PR and collabs.
Once I feel like I don’t have time to work on it, I will gladly transfer ownership or let collabs maintain it.


– [ ] improve get_latest_counter: restarts when user renames files after the counter part.
– [ ] offer to place the counter anywhere, as a key in filename_keys
– [ ] keep same counter if extension changes?
– [ ] files will be out of order if prefixes change… that is expected, but is this what we want?

  • release 2.70 💾
    • added JPEG-XL
      added JPEG2000
      fixed help popup text color in dark mode
  • release 2.65 💾
    • published in comfy-registry
  • release 2.64 💾
    • added Help at top-right corner, based off KJNodes
  • release 2.63 💾
    • fixed negative_prompt job save overwritten by positive_prompt
      – [x] remove job_custom_text? no, some ppl use it apparently
      – [x] remove jobs.json? no, some ppl use it apparently
      – [x] ComfyRoll CR XY Save Grid Image: it offers jpeg webp tif – check how it embeds prompt – nope it does not
  • release 2.62 💾
    • prompt and workflow are saved in IFD 270 and 271 for better load compatibility
      – disabled jobs.json by default, this thingy seems useless to me
  • release 2.61 💾
    • added quality input
  • release 2.60 💾
    • added extensions jpeg, gif, tiff, bmp
      – added image_optimization (only for jpeg)
      – now saves prompt and workflow separately into 0x9286/UserComment and 0x010e/ImageDescription
  • release 2.51 💾
    • added native unix datetime format
  • release 2.50 💾
    • added JXL support
    • added ‘BOOLEAN’ support
  • release 2.46 💾
    • BUG discovered with rgthree‘s Ksampler Config: using steps_total as an input to a Ksampler, will issue the index of the output, instead of the steps value (“\[nodeNum, 0]” instead of steps value). FIX: use steps_total instead of steps!
    • uncommented __all__ in
    • potential bugfix in splitKey, len(splitKey) = 2 to identify actual “node.widget” format

Wrapping Up

Thoughts? Comments? Bugs to report? Requests? Let’s meet at the discussion section!


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