China’s Number One Streamer (64M followers) #LipstickKing Kidnapped

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(Last Updated On: August 23, 2023)


China’s number one streamer (64M followers) #LipstickKing (Li Jiaqi) presented an Oreo Ice Cream cake looking like a #tank, back in June 2023. This coincidentally happened on the eve of the #TiananmenSquareMassacre anniversary. What could possibly go wrong?

Chinese influencer Li Jiaqi #LipstickKing was kidnapped by the CCP in June 2023

The stream was cut, and he disappeared for 2 months. Probably sent to a “reeducation” camp (said to not exist) somewhere in #xinjiang. Not the first time a number one streamer disappears in China, not the last time. Today’s China is pretty much like North Korea on steroids.

A stark reminder that the #CCP‘s brutal repression of information and rewriting of history is effective. Most modern Chinese people never heard about the Tiananmen Square massacre, can you believe it? China’s Tiananmen Square Massacre Is Censored More than Ever By CCP’s Brutal Ruling.

tiananmen square massacre

You can raise your voice against brutality and repression in China, by singing petitions if that is your stuff, or simply by blogging about it like I do. We cannot be silenced abroad!


🙏 I pray for the Chinese people to have one day the courage to wake up, and fight this terrorist organization that shamelessly calls itself a government.

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