CenturyLink is Garbage

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(Last Updated On: April 4, 2020)

CenturyLink blocks Kodi. Centurylink blocks Kodi repositories. CenturyLink filters internet without telling you. CenturyLink caps your bandwidth after 6 months. CenturyLink blocks random websites. CenturyLink is BAD.

After moving, I thought that using any competitor to Comcast would be a good idea. After all, it’s one of these ISP that still provide ADSL. It cannot be that bad?


CenturyLink First Impressions

Well, ADSL is not fast, you know that. Do you? ADSL is a branch of DSL that’s provided through existing phone lines. It is therefore sensitive to electromagnetic noise. And the ping is attrocious: 21ms+

Noise can be emited by crappy electric devices such as dishwashers, washing machines, microwave ovens and whatever chinessium crap is connected close to your home.

It is also sensitive to radio signals on the 1400Mhz band. Chinesium crap devices can also emit on this band and hinder your bandwidth.

I also noticed a drop in bandwidth after 6 months.


CenturyLink Caps your Bandwidth

At the beginning, speedtest.net reported a whooping 80MB download speed. Living less than 1 mile away from the DSLAM, it made a lot of sense. 10MB upload speed was honorable for this kind of connection.

Here we are, 6 months later. Speedtest now reports between 20 and 30MB download speed at Any time.


And This is what you get by living 1 mile away from the DSLAM. Imagine if you live further away…

It’s down from 80MB to 30MB after 6 months, permanently and for no reason. Also, Kodi servers are blocked from time to time.


CenturyLink Blocks Kodi Repos

This post is coincidental with me trying to reinstall a new Kodi build on my Rbox pro set-top box. The previous build refused to update most repos and I was not surprised, since it happened in the past with other builds.

It’s a catch-me-if-you-can game between pirated stream providers and the media Majors, we all know that. Still, I could not even configure new 2020 builds I knew that were working.

I could not even access xanax or slamious home site from my desktop. Only from my phone via Verizon. Isn’t that odd??

Setting up a VPN on the router solved the issue: Kodi works again!

Edit: as of April 2020, they re-opened the access to most build repos. Maybe it was an internal network issue on their side?


Conclusion: Comcast Is a Monopoly, but CenturyLink Is Worst

CenturyLink can block Kodi repos without warning you. CenturyLink also cap your bandwidth after some time with no reason. Maybe they think you won’t notice?

CenturyLink is hindering your freedom of surfing and therefore your freedom of speech. CenturyLink is not a good alternative to these monopolies that are Comcast, Verizon and AT&T. It’s not even cheaper.

CenturyLink plan, including their crappy modem is worth $60/mo and it’s not worth it. CenturyLink is bad, period.

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Bachelor in IT, father, Photograph, Communist slayer, I also build useful tools for my community and destroy repetitive tasks for the past 20 years. "Who controls the information, controls the future."

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